Anti-Trump student group at GW chose to disband rather than agree to this

Anti-Trump student group at GW chose to disband rather than agree to this
George Washington University campus (Image: GWU)

From the headline, you might expect that students at George Washington University in Washington opted to uphold their principles even if it meant suspending demonstrations against the Trump administration. What the GW Coalition for Intersectional Justice refused to agree to, however, was the addition of a non-violence clause in its mission statement.

According to Campus Reform, the coalition of some 25 student organizations dedicated to resisting the policies of Donald Trump “splintered … over the question of whether to mandate nonviolence or condone behaviors like flag burning and practicing ‘self-defense’ in potential altercations with Trump supporters.”

The non-violence clause was proposed by a member of the Mexican Students Association, who said his group had joined the coalition to “convey disagreement on how the new administration was going to act towards undocumented individuals,” but feared that violent behavior would create negative perceptions of the movement.

“We didn’t want this protest to be either violent or misconstrued to be violent,” Jesus Montes, director of communications for the MSA, explained to the [student newspaper] the Hatchet. “We didn’t want our organization or GW to be defaced if something were to happen.”

The Campus Reform article goes on to quote a member of the university’s Progressive Student Union, who claims that the article in the Hatchet article is “a bit misguided,” adding that the coalition was simply too large to control.

Campus violence reared its ugly head last week at UC-Berkeley, leading to the arrest of at least ten people, while numerous others were bloodied and bruised while crashing a pro-Trump rally. Crowds of masked anarchists who joined the fray were theorized by liberal commentator Robert Reich to be conservatives engaging in a false-flag operation. A video from Patriot Update suggests the rioters were indeed not grass roots but offers a different take on their provenance:

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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