Bigotry against white people is reaching dangerous proportions; when will the MSM take notice?

Bigotry against white people is reaching dangerous proportions; when will the MSM take notice?

A related — and perhaps even more trenchant — question is when will cooler heads on the Left begin to realize that this is a grievous problem for society at large and say, “Enough!”

Back in the early days of the anti-white movement, the chief claim of adherents was that having light skin somehow conferred an unfair privilege. But we’ve now advanced well beyond demands, however foolish, that whites “check their privilege.”

We have reached a point where, to borrow a bit of hyperbole from Black Lives Matter, it is “open season” on white people. On Monday, BLM activist and Daily News columnist Shaun King tweeted out:

This is unadulterated racial prejudice. It’s also a call for something beyond insidious. For those who need it spelled out in black and white, Yusra Khogali, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, has openly called for white genocide.

It’s not just riled-up blacks either that are out for the blood of Caucasians. A group that calls itself Antifa is out to combat the scourge of American fascism (the “fa” in its name). The group is responsible for this sign:

The goal among this growing fringe element is not equality or acceptance. It is annihilation. And we’re past the point of mere wishful thinking. When a gunman in Dallas shot and killed five police officers controlling crowds at a protest rally, he made it clear that his goal was “to kill white people.”

And where are the media while this hate movement foments? Opinion journalists like Jamelle Bouie are busy stirring the pot, dashing off incendiary columns that lump together Donald Trump and mass murderer Dylann Roof as “brothers in white resentment.”

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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