Stupid liberal tricks from 2016

Stupid liberal tricks from 2016
A conservatism that has no actionable answer to the divisive guilt rituals of cultural Marxism -- has no answers, period. Here, protesters at Berkeley harass and impede fellow students trying to get to class. (Image: Screen grab of YouTube video)

2016 will be looked back at as the year that when political correctness was allowed to accelerate faster than a fire in a jet fuel factory. The craziness grew rampant on college campuses with safe spaces, trigger warnings, protests against conservative speakers, and so much more. Some examples follow.

Students at Pomona College campuses were greeted with a sign in their dorm rooms stating that all white people are racist. That’s a great first lesson for incoming white freshmen.

Moraine Valley Community College started new diversity classes “for blacks only.” Somehow that notion is not self-contradictory to liberals, and neither is “affinity” housing, where students of color self-segregate from those who look different.

If that’s not eneough to make your head hurt, try this: A professor at Southern State Community College in Ohio suggested that the corporate office of the National Rifle Association be “shot up” and that no surviviors be left. The recommendation was made in furtherance of better gun control.

A pro-Trump rally at Penn State was interrupted by protesters, who torn the signs from the hands of Trump supporters and ripped them up. The anti-Trump forces then departed the scene, but not before calling the pro-Trumpers “bullies.”

Hard to top? Here’s another: The president of the Undergraduate Council of Students at Brown University sought to “set a tone of trans-inclusivity” by free installing tampon dispensers in all nonresidential bathrooms on campus, including men’s rooms.

Shortly after Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative social media expert who also happens to be gay, spoke to a group of Young Republicans at The University of California in Irvine, the administration suspended the club for a year “because of a technical infraction.” Which infraction? They wouldn’t say. Meanwhile, students at the University of Massacusetts threw a temper tantrum when Yiannopoulos was asked to speak at an event there! So much for free speech.

Students interviewed on campuses across the country by conservative commentator Mark Dice were presented with statements made by Donald Trump disguised as having been said by Hillary Clinton. The interviewees were supportive of the comments … until they learned the true source and then promptly all did a 180.

After decades of Black History Month and, more recently, Gay History Month, Portland Community College has finally seemed to offer equal time by instituting a “Whiteness History Month.” But if you read the fine print, you discover the event is not meant to celebrate accomplishments by white people but to bash them as whole.

So can we expect common sense to prevail in 2017? Will liberals finally acknowledge that even some moderate Muslims are violent and that the perception that you are a victim automatically makes you one? Don’t bet on it.

Joe Messina

Joe Messina

Joe Messina is host of the syndicated radio show "The Real Side."

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