MSM issues ‘fake news’ report about Russia closing American school in Moscow

MSM issues ‘fake news’ report about Russia closing American school in Moscow

The year may have changed, but CNN remains as committed as ever to believing and disseminating fake news as long as it serves a liberal agenda. After trying — and failing — to win the 2016 presidential election for Hillary Clinton, the network was back to its old tricks Thursday, when it reported that Russia reacted to Barack Obama’s sanctions by closing “the Anglo-American School of Moscow … which serves children of US, British and Canadian embassy personnel, to US and foreign nationals.”

Every left-leaning news source, from  The Hill to the Daily Beast  to Politico ran with the story, citing CNN as the official source of the information.

Unluckily for all of them, CNN’s own source, “a U.S. official briefed on the matter,” had jumped to conclusions and got the story wrong. The school was closed  — but only temporarily for the winter holidays.

After Russia denied the story, Vladimir Putin seized the opportunity to make the American mainstream media look even sillier by inviting the children of American diplomats to a Christmas party at the Kremlin.

Emily Zanotti of HeatStreet adds as an ironic footnote:

The fake story is an embarrassment for CNN, which has been doing extensive coverage of the so-called “fake news” epidemic.

As the Clinton Network News and its fellow accusers are rapidly learning, when it comes to blowing the whistle on phony news sources, it takes one to know one.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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