Who knew ‘Love trumps hate’ meant ‘Kill the police,’ ‘Burn stuff down’?

Who knew ‘Love trumps hate’ meant ‘Kill the police,’ ‘Burn stuff down’?
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As noted yesterday, the anti-Trump protests around the country are being staged by and large by professional agitators, who are busing in professional “community organizers.” In addition to Portland and Chicago, where this practice has been documented, an article in the Indianapolis Star states that of seven people arrested at an anti-Trump rally Saturday, three were not from Indianapolis.

But the provenance of the protesters is not the only detail in the piece that is newsworthy. Equally important is the message emanating from the throngs of malcontents. Among the chants heard were “Kill the police,” “Black lives matter,” and “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

But there is one chant that the Star writer holds off reporting until late in the article, perhaps because it is so utterly ludicrous in the context of the palpable damage demonstrators have been visiting on the venues they visit. The night after the election, protesters in Portland set fires across the city and smashed windows of cars and businesses.

But property destruction may be the least of the protesters’ crimes. Some sources are claiming that the father of a four-year-old child who was being rushed to the hospital died in transit when the path of the ambulance carrying him was blocked by protesters spilling out in the street:



So what is the chant that sums up the overarching message of the demonstrators” It’s “Love trumps hate,” natch.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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