A coloring book that no child needs … period!

A coloring book that no child needs … period!
A period celebrant jubilantly holding aloft her soiled panties (Image: YouTube screen grab via Andrea Yip)

Her name is Andrea Yip, and she self-identifies as a sexual health advocate. I wasn’t aware there were any people advocating against sexual health, but we’re in the realm of social justice warfare, so I suppose all bets are off.

Yip is attempting to crowdraise $2,500 (of which she has so far raised $1,495) to help her produce and distribute her Period Coloring Book. In case the title is unclear — I can imagine a reader wondering whether period refers to a division of the geological time scale or to the sentence-ending punctuation mark — she emphasizes that her goal is “to embrace, celebrate and reflect upon our shared experiences with menstruation. From leaks, cramps and pads to period sex and free bleeding, this book aims to help start more open and positive conversations about periods.”

Apparently, she is not alone in her celebration of menses. As she notes in her writeup:

NPR dubbed 2015 the year of the period and Newsweek called 2016 the year of menstrual change.

There is a helpful video about the project should you care to learn more. Should you care to learn less, I’m afraid the time machine LU is working on is not quite ready.

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Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

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