WikiLeaks: Team Clinton wanted to ‘co-opt GOP’s argument for voter ID’s enormous appeal’

WikiLeaks: Team Clinton wanted to ‘co-opt GOP’s argument for voter ID’s enormous appeal’
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It was one short year ago that Hillary Clinton slammed Republicans in Alabama for a law requiring voter ID in the state, claiming ensuring that all votes count (and only once) is racist. “We have to defend the most fundamental right in our democracy, the right to vote,” she said.

She made the same claim last month, denouncing North Carolina’s voter ID law, using another racial argument in saying the concept of showing ID to vote was “a blast from the Jim Crow past.”

If Republicans are racist for wanting to curtail voter fraud by insisting that voters show proper identification at the polling place, then Team Hillary is probably going to cringe when they see that the following has been released to the public.

WikiLeaks has revealed an email exchange between members of Clinton’s campaign team discussing how to court millennial voters.

In it, Joel Benenson, chief strategist for Hillary for America, discusses how they should “co-opt [the] GOP’s argument for photo ID” which he claims “has enormous appeal.”




Once  again, the Clinton campaign is demonstrating and all its hypocrisy that all’s fair when it comes to winning elections. All the self-righteous claptrap and holier-than-thou moralizing in the world doesn’t cover Hillary Clinton’s nakedly political ambitions. And to think she has the nerve to lecture Donald Trump on his fitness to serve!

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss

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