‘Deplorables’ will be a hundred times harder on Hillary Clinton than Tea Party was on Obama

‘Deplorables’ will be a hundred times harder on Hillary Clinton than Tea Party was on Obama

Hillary Clinton may be hoping for a smooth transition from candidate to commander in chief in the event she wins the White House in 14 days. But it’s not just the prospect of Donald Trump’s lack of cooperation that should keep her up nights.

After eight years of Barack Obama and his unceasing battle for “social justice,” Clinton may find her victory a very hollow one indeed. Not only will she enter the Oval Office with a negative approval rating from the American people. She will also find herself ruing the day she let slip her contempt for the “xenophobes, homophobes, Islamophobes,” and other voters whose only sin was refusing to back her candidacy.

I am referring here to Clinton’s basket of deplorables. She and her handlers have worked hard to shift the campaign narrative away from that ill-advised dig by pretending that Trump’s “nasty woman” comment made as an aside during the third debate was meant to apply to all females and not just Clinton, who frankly is nasty. For just how nasty, ask the many Secret Service members she treated like dirt over the past thirty years and whose protection she will now be couting on with a renewed fervor.

But back to the deplorables, which perhaps deserves a capital “D.” After her election, Clinton can look forward to deafeningly loud receptions and hand-held signs wherever she goes. And the noise and visuals won’t belong to supporters cheering on the “first woman president.” They will come from Americans tired of government waste, abuse, and incompetence — tired of politicians who lie and cheat, then rig the system so they come out appearing squeaky clean.

These will have been the people who, when it came to a choice between more of the same and a candidate who promised, however crassly, to be different, chose change: real change.

I am predicting that a grass-roots movement forms that dwarfs the Tea Party many times over. And I am expecting that they will dog Clinton relentlessly.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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