L.A. Times notes 25% of students at L.A. HS migrated from Central America, omits critical detail

L.A. Times notes 25% of students at L.A. HS migrated from Central America, omits critical detail
Wall wars.

There is no reason to doubt that many of the kids celebrated in a Los Angeles Times article are good, hard-working individuals. What unites all of them is their common nationalistic roots. All migrated from Central America, many without their parents, to seek a better life.

To underscore that point, the article opens anecdotally with the inspirational tale of one particular member of this ad hoc fratentity who works an eight-hour shift scrubbing dishes at a restaurant before heading to class.

There’s just on detail missing from the article — and from liberal discourse in general — that deserves mention. That’s that these kids, and especially the ones who came here on their own, are lawbreakers.

Mentioning that reality is so unimaginably odious to the Left that they refuse to call it that, preferring the Orwellian-sounding construction undocumented worker. They will tell you, as Barack Obama has tediously often over the past eight years, that the U.S. is a nation built by immigrants. That, too, is true, even though again it omits the disuieting (for liberals) reality that America was not founded by men and women who sneaked across the border by the dark of night because they disliked or found it inconvenient waiting their turn.

The Times would rather its readers focus on the courage — the heroism — of some of these young people:

They crossed the border to reunite with mothers and fathers or to find refuge from unprecedented gang violence at home. Some dare to dream they will find success in America, not just the means to survive.

But other parts of the world are also plagued by violence and poverty. Why should the borders be flung open to those with a key to the back door when it’s at the expense of those going through legal channels?

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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