Naked Hillary in downtown Manhattan causes fight during morning commute

Naked Hillary in downtown Manhattan causes fight during morning commute
(Image via American Mirror)

OK, before you lose your breakfast, it is an unclothed likeness of the Democratic nominee, not the actual fleshly figure, that caused a stir in the Big Apple yesterday.

As reported by New York Daily News, “An artist erected an obscene statue of Hillary Clinton in downtown Manhattan Tuesday morning causing a heated fight between defenders of the profane piece of protest art and women trying to tear it down.”

The adjectives obscene and profane are pretty strong when applied to art, especially when the critic bandying about such terms has a byline in the Daily News. The paper, which is unapologetically far-left, abjured similar criticisms of an art work that depicted the Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung. Different strokes and all that?

The disagreement between the statue’s creator, who is evidently anti-Hillary, and the crowd, which is obviously pro-Hillary, is captured in the video that follows. (Warning: Simulated nudity)

This statue is not the first to appear in downtown Manhattan during this election cycle. A nude statue of Donald Trump, complete with microscopic genitalia, was unveiled in August in New York and several other metropolitan areas. Earlier in the year, a nude painting of Trump went on display in London. It, too, had a woefully undersize package.

This is not to suggest Hillary has been spared the attention of artists. A scantily clad mural of the candidate appeared on a wall in Australia that lent Clinton physical endowments she could only dream of having.

Thomas Madison

Thomas Madison

Thomas Madison is an ex-Army officer and stone-cold patriot on a mission to restore strict obedience to the U.S. Constitution. He is editor of the blog Powdered Wig Society.

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