Obama flaunted, er, anatomical event in front of female reporters during 2008 campaign

Obama flaunted, er, anatomical event in front of female reporters during 2008 campaign

How to put this delicately?  “Bombshell” may not be the best word to grab attention for this one.

For some reason, it seems like when it comes to, shall we say, actually deploying body parts to interact with women in a salacious and objectifying way, Democrats are the ones who keep bringing home the deeds.

Who can forget, for example, Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner (AKA “Carlos Danger”), and the undisputed king (at least in the 50 years since JFK), Bill Clinton?

By their standard, Donald Trump is a kind of average serial monogamist who occasionally yuks it up with another guy, and is mostly talk.

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But at least we can be grateful that President Obama, the deportment lecturer-in-chief, never treats women with anything less than the highest standard of preemptive circumspection.  He’d never do anything that could be misunderstood, or need explanation later.  He wouldn’t touch risque hijinks with, around, or about women with an 11-foot pole.  Right?

Maybe this whole episode from the 2008 campaign, preserved in a video clip with a CNN logo, was a live demonstration for a continuing education class on human sexuality.  Don’t laugh.  It could happen.

[We’ll see how long this video lasts. – Ed.]

Even on a presidential campaign plane, it could happen.  Even though it looks pretty impromptu, and the females heard in the video are giggling their heads off.  We seem to hear one repeating this deathless phrase:

Agent stick ’em up!  Agent stick ’em up!

Which does sound a little Carlos Danger-y, but remember, it came from a woman.  So did the voice urging the woman who’s initially in the way — blocking the view of Obama’s big event — to get out of the way already, please.

So what if it sure looks like Obama obligingly turns full-frontal to pose for a group of giggling women?  Don’t you know innocent, pastoral nature when you see it?

Trump is so much more sexist, misogynist, and disgusting than that, with his evil talk.

Just stop trying to find consistency in the words and behavior of progressive Democrats, and recite the talking points the MSM is feeding you.  Trump bad.  Obama good.  Hillary good.

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

Cade Pelerine

Cade Pelerine

Cade Pelerine is a freelance blogger living in the Great West who loves freedom, apple pie, and America.


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