Tweet of the Day: Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the murder of 3 more cops

Tweet of the Day: Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the murder of 3 more cops

Wannabe president Hillary Clinton took a day to collect her thoughts over yesterday’s atrocity in Baton Rouge that resulted in three more police deaths at the hands of an angry black man.

In a way that is to be applauded. Emotions were running high yesterday as new details became known throughout the day about the shooter and the shootings. In times of crisis where the immediate threat has been subdued, cooler heads should prevail among our national leaders, who are ultimately responsible for forging policy.

So today, presumably with a clear perspective on yesterday’s events, Clinton tweeted out this:

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A short time later she was back with this:

And there you have it. The next would-be leader of the free world learns that a cadre of police officers is ambushed and shot down in the street like dogs, and what is her first reaction? Is it outrage over the needless deaths of more members of law enforcement? No. It’s empty rhetoric on gun control and some touchy-feely gibberish about how rough blacks have it. The second tweet doesn’t even make sense. Who does the pronoun you refer to?

But that’s the least of Clinton’s problems. Even Barack Obama, who some in law enforcement are holding accountable for yesterday’s massacre, knew enough to make politic statements, empathizing with the police, who daily put themselves in harm’s way.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."

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