Democrats to attack think tanks on Senate floor in act of Stalinist hackery

Democrats to attack think tanks on Senate floor in act of Stalinist hackery
The master, beating back unauthorized thought so you don't have to. (1930s Soviet propaganda poster)

Some days, even the creeping dementia of 2016 hasn’t prepared you for the news.

For some reason, the Senate Democrats think it’s a good idea to hand out attack assignments against think tanks that don’t toe the progressive-left line on “climate change.”

Senators have reportedly been assigned blocks of time in which they are to take the floor and attack think tanks like the Hoover Institution, Americans for Prosperity, the George C. Marshall Institute, and the Heritage Foundation.

If you look at the list, you see that not all the targets of the senators’ contumely are by any means “conservative.”  What they are is skeptical and science-based when it comes to the proposition of man-made climate change.

But it doesn’t matter either way.  Where do these senators get off using the United States Senate to lob attacks at any think tanks?  It would be just as wrong for Republicans to coordinate attacks on left-wing think tanks from the floor of the Senate.

Senators are free to use their forum as a bully pulpit to advance what they believe to be true – preferably – and call out, if they must, what they believe to be false.  Facts and analysis about the issues.  Our elected representatives shouldn’t have their noses in nearly as much as they do today, but on principle, that is, in fact, what they’re there for.

They are not there to attack the people, when the people are analyzing facts and forming ideas and attitudes in their private capacity.

And that’s what the Democratic senators are doing by coordinating an attack on think tanks.

It’s Stalinism to do that.  Don’t be deceived.  It’s dangerous and unacceptable.  The Senate Democrats should desist from this effort immediately, act like they never meant to do it, and slink off into the woods to regroup.

If you care, the information about the inevitable usual suspects behind this effort is at the link.  (See here as well.)  It’s “climate change” politics.  You won’t be surprised.

The assignment list is below, reportedly obtained by several media outlets in the D.C. area via email.  In the best tradition of Soviet agitprop, the Democrats’ attack enterprise groups the targets under a sinister-sounding buzz-phrase: the “Web of Denial.”  Felix Dzerzhinsky and the NKVD will be showing up shortly to take names, for your protection.

(Image via The Daily Caller)
(Image via The Daily Caller)


J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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