Elite NYC school teaches that white students aren’t just privileged — they’re born racist

Elite NYC school teaches that white students aren’t just privileged — they’re born racist

In order to promote racial harmony and equality, New York City’s elite Bank Street School for Children is practicing segregation, teaching white children as as young as 6 that they emerged from the womb as racists.

Administrators, who balk at the idea that employing separate curricula for KOC (Kids of Color) and kids in the so-called Advocacy Group is a form segregation, are finding it difficult to convince even the most liberal of parents of the soundness of its methodology.

According to the New York Post’s Paul Sperry, parents complain that it’s wrongheaded to divide students up by the color of their skin. Worse yet, many say, is the practice of encouraging white students to feel bad about their “whiteness,” while urging he KOC to feel proud about their culture.

Bank Street has created a “dedicated space” in the school for “kids of color,” where they’re “embraced” by minority instructors and encouraged to “voice their feelings” and “share experiences about being a kid of color,” according to school presentation slides obtained by The Post.

Meanwhile, white kids are herded into separate classrooms and taught to raise their “awareness of the prevalence of Whiteness and privilege,” challenge “notions of colorblindness (and) assumptions of ‘normal,’ ‘good,’ and ‘American’” and “understand and own European ancestry and see the tie to privilege.”


The same slides point out that a number of leading private schools across the country also have segregated students by “race-based affinity groups.” It lists several in New York, including Riverdale Country School, Brooklyn Friends School, The Cathedral School, The Calhoun School, Ethical Culture Fieldston School, and Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School.

One parent is quoted as noting that “ever since Ferguson, the school has been increasing anti-white propaganda in its curriculum.” Another told the Post:

One hundred percent of the curriculum is what whites have done to other races. They offer nothing that would balance the story. Any questions they can’t answer they rationalize under the pretense of ‘institutional racism,’ which is never really defined.

The program is overseen by Anshu Wahi, a social justice warrior who claims that white babies display signs of racism. She maintains that the school provides a “safe space” where students can share their “ouch moments” — unless, of course, the little bastards are white, in which they are the cause of those ouch moments.

She explains her approach to education in this video.

Anshu Wahi: Faculty Diversity Search Candidate Profile from Ian Phillips on Vimeo.

Speaking of videos, Wahi recently aired a documentary lionizing leaders of the violent Black Panthers movement. On May 31, the school screened “Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution,” which depicts Panthers founder and convicted cop-killer Huey Newton as a martyr.

There’s more:

In 2013, moreover, parents expressed outrage over an email from Wahi that seemed to sympathize with Muslim terrorists after the Boston Marathon bombings.

The April 17, 2013, message — “From Anshu, our Director of Diversity and Community: The Boston Marathon — Another Perspective” — advised students and parents to “be mindful of stereotypes and dangerous ideas” regarding “Arabs (and) Muslims.”

It linked to an article titled “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.”

The tuition at Bank Street is $40,850. It’s a lot of money but historically New Yorkers have been willing to pay exorbitant amounts to keep their children out of the public schools, which are viewed as dangerous. Which raises the question: What could be more dangerous than subjecting your child to a program like this one?

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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