Candidate Hillary Clinton earns herself a citation in Urban Dictionary

Candidate Hillary Clinton earns herself a citation in Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is Millennials’ answer to, which it was in fact created to parody in 1999. Most of the definitions are of terms that, if you need to look them up, you probably shouldn’t bother — that or you should ask your grandkids.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s granddaughter is too young to consult, so the would-be abuela-in-chief will need to ask one of the youths in her war room to explain why her tweet yesterday in reaction to a Donald Trump insult has gone viral and remind her of what it means.

Here is the chain of tweets initiated by Clinton’s Republican rival shortly after Barack Obama achieved another presidential first: endorsing a candidate who is under federal investigation for breaches of national security of a magnitude that could conceivably result in jail time.

Soon after Hillary’s tweet appeared, the phrase Delete your account was inscribed into Urban Dictionary by one megan4242 who defined the term thus:

The ultimate RT Twitter insult.

Implies something just tweeted was so foolish, moronic, and pointless the person who wrote it should just close their account and walk away in shame.

Jeb Bush: (picture of a gun, titled) America
Edward Snowden: delete your account

There is even a nifty GIF accompanying the definition:


Before long, a second definition that contained a textual reference to Hillary and her exchange with Trump was added by badlands75:

Sarcastic social media response when a social media account posts an unpopular item or sentiment.

Today, President Obama endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, to which Republican nominee Donald Trump responded, “Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama—but nobody else does!”

Hillary Clinton responded on Twitter, “Delete Your Account”.

This morning, a third reading was added, this one anti-Hillary, by swag-wager:

1. A social meme for when someone says or does something so embarrassing or inappropriate that they should just close their account and go away in shame.

2. Also, what Hillary does with her email server to avoid FOIA accountability.

Hil: Darn those FOIA requests just keep coming. At this rate people are going to find out about and who knows what else.

Bil: Well, babe, your are just going to have to delete your account.

What’s missing from all of this is the “street” definition of “Delete your account,” which translates to the message Hillary’s husband communicated, according to biographer David Maranas, whenever he was irritated. The message, “Nice tie!,” was Clinton-speak for “F**k you.” Maybe if Bubba gets another lease on the White House courtesy of American voters, he can start using “Delete your account,” which is far more current.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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