There’s a ‘Donald Trump’ pop song. Prince wrote it

There’s a ‘Donald Trump’ pop song. Prince wrote it

Wouldn’t you know 2016 would just keep giving.

The song is real, written by Prince and performed in 1990 by the R&B/funk group Time.  BuzzFeed helpfully provides some of the lyrics, which appear to be addressed to a young black woman yearning for a black “Donald Trump” of her own.

Honey, baby, you truly know it. (You truly know it.)
You look good. Tryin’ your best to show it.
If I were you, I would. True love and affection.
These are nice (so nice), but when a money man walks in the room, girl,
You look more than twice.
You look once (you look twice). Can I rap to you, sugar, tonight?

Donald Trump (black version), maybe that’s what you need.
A man that fulfills your every wish, your every dream.
Donald Trump (black version), come on take a chance.
A 1990s love affair, the real romance.

Megan Apper at BuzzFeed considers the lyrics “spectacular,” presumably because they seem to evoke the longing of Trump fans in this, shall we say, demonstrative election year.

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It may help Millennials trying to process this information, to know that this was back when Trump didn’t look so curmudgeonly and geriatric.  His hair was pretty normal too.  (I think he was still with Ivana then.  Check, if it matters, and get back to us.)

I leave it to your relationship with the zeitgeist, to decide if an R&B riff on Donald Trump suits the unique-n-epic 2016 ‘tude.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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