Guess who’s back … and backing Sanders

Guess who’s back … and backing Sanders
A younger and obviously much “hotter” Bernie Sanders (credit:

You’ll know them by the dirt under their fingernails and sweat stains on their clothing — neither of which is a tribute to how hard they work since many of them have never held down an honest job.

They are Occupy Wall Street, the loosely knit agglomeration of unwashed vagabonds that failed to make a difference in their first life in 2011.

They are back, this time in anticipation of next week’s vital New York primary to throw their support behind a like-minded presidential candidate.

Class War sign during Occupy Wall Street Rally
Class War sign during Occupy Wall Street Rally

CNN takes us on a stroll down memory lane before articulating OWS’s new mission:

Nearly five years since Occupy was evicted from Zuccotti Park, blocks from the New York Stock Exchange in lower Manhattan, a coalition of organizers, labor leaders and progressive activists who lined up under the banner of “the 99 percent” are renewing their efforts in pursuit of a more traditional cause: Getting voters to the polls on April 19.

That begins with traditional canvassing, but will extend to what is expected to be a large pro-Sanders, Occupy-inspired march on Saturday in Manhattan.

“This is the place where the message of income inequality resonated across the country and across the world — it’s where it really began,” said “People for Bernie” co-founder and Occupy activist Winnie Wong. “He’s bringing it back home.”

CNN observes that it’s the more mainstream elements of OWS who have found an ideological ally in Sanders, which is testimony to how far left these aging hippies are.

No word yet on which park they intend to claim as their New York headquarters.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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