Now you are a racist if you say schools need to be this

Now you are a racist if you say schools need to be this

Twenty questions: Go!

Question 1: Segregated?

Answer: No, that’s stupid. Besides, some blacks are now calling for segregation, so it can’t be racist.

Question 2: More inclusive?

Answer: That answer would be acceptable if the last eight years hadn’t been “Pepsi Presents the White House Demand for Diversity.”

Give up? The answer is safer. The New York Post has the explanation:

A recent survey of 830 Syracuse teachers by the New York State United Teachers union found that more than a third say they’ve been assaulted at least once in the classroom, with more than 70% of victims saying they’ve suffered cuts and bruises or broken bones. Overall, two-thirds of teachers say they fear for their safety, and 43% complain their schools are no longer committed to protecting them. As a result, nearly half say they’re “seriously considering” quitting.

The same, the article goes on to posit, is true nationwide:

[N]ational data show assaults on teachers are on the rise after several years of steady decline. A 2015 report by the National Center for Education Statistics found that 6% of all public and private teachers have been physically attacked by a student — the highest rate ever surveyed by the agency.

The response from teachers, understandably, is to call for a reversal of Obama administration policy that has made it next to impossible for school districts to discipline, little alone suspend, violent students. The effect? As Hans Bader notes, teachers in some school districts are being punished for speaking out against this politically correct, but dangerous, practice. Rather than suspend trouble students, districts are suspending the teachers who fear for their safety.

As the Post notes, pressure to suspend teachers is being brought to bear by none other than Black Lives Matter, which views everything as racist.

Unless of course, the demand is for a safe space on campus … and the demander is a person of color.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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