Report of threats against Michelle Fields ignites firestorm of hate on social media

Report of threats against Michelle Fields ignites firestorm of hate on social media
Michelle Fields (Image: Breitbart)

Earlier today, we reported that Michelle Fields, the former reporter who filed a complaint against Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, was forced to flee her home due to threatening calls she received after Fox News and Buzzfeed published her address and phone number.

Predictably, an avalanche of hatred followed.

Here’s just a small sample of what we found on Facebook, and yes, we blacked out the names because we are not interested in publicizing who posted what on the social media giant, but we are interested in the reaction. (Warning: Strong and graphic language.)


So, according to these individuals, it’s all “BS” and phony. It continues:


So now Fields is a “liberal plant” and the battery was all politically motivated. As though the reporter’s arm suddenly went into Lewandowski’s hand or something along those lines.

It gets worse, though.


Really? So this Trump supporter apparently thinks it’s a good thing that Fields was allegedly roughed up? I rather suspect this person would probably have loved to see her beaten and bloodied, or worse.

There’s more:


I wonder what this person had in mind when writing “that and more.” Maybe he would like to see her killed. On prime time television, no less.

And yes, there’s more.


Here we have one person expressing a desire to spank Fields, and another calling her a whore. Lovely.

The hate wasn’t confined to Facebook, though:

This picture, by the way, is all over social media.

One person on Twitter suggested Fields be gang-raped:

Then of course, there was the obligatory death wish:

One person responded:

Another on Facebook noted:


In a normal and sane world, this person would be correct. Unfortunately, we no longer live in a normal and sane world.

This is the kind of thing I would expect to see from the radical left, not from those who claim to be conservatives. Sadly, some who profess to be conservative Trump supporters are actually egging this kind of thing on with their own irresponsible rhetoric and “reporting.”

Exit question: How much worse will this get and will the Trump campaign condemn it?

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Joe Newby

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