John Kerry believes this — not terrorism — is the biggest threat facing America

John Kerry believes this — not terrorism — is the biggest threat facing America

Recently, Secretary of State John Kerry made it clear that terrorism is nothing to get hung up about and that the real major threat facing the U.S. was something altogether different.

First his dismissal of terrorism. When Barack Obama was criticized for his tone-deaf response to the Brussels terror attacks by attending a baseball game in Cuba and dancing the night away in Argentina, Kerry leaped to his defense. “The President of United States’s schedule,” Kerry said indignantly, “is not set by terrorists.” When confronted with the still-disturbing fact that 35 people, including Americans, had died in the attack, Kerry harrumphed that “life doesn’t stop because one terrible incident takes place in one place.”

So what is the threat Americans should take seriously? It’s the international embarrassment caused by the current crop of Republican candidates for president— especially you know who. Kerry said at a press avail that every world leader he meets asks “about what is happening in America” before adding “what’s happening is an embarrassment to our country.”

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld wasn’t about to let Kerry’s comments go without reacting.

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“He’s right, life doesn’t stop,” Gutfeld said. “Unless you’re in Brussels or Pakistan and it’s shredded to pieces.”

He then mocked the Secretary of State’s bigger priorities as a representative of the United States, priorities such as “climate change, wage gaps, Argentinian dance instructors.”

Watch Gutfeld destroy Kerry below:

Gutfeld reacted in his monologue on The Five. “Like a rusted garage door needing a gallon of WD-40, John Kerry opened his mouth this weekend,” he said.

“He’s right, life doesn’t stop, unless you’re in Brussels or Pakistan and it’s shredded to pieces. But for Kerry, there’s bigger fish than ISIS – climate change, wage gaps, Argentinian dance instructors.”

“Yes, after so much terror, this is the world’s concern – Trump,” said Gutfeld. “I think I can speak for all of us – I don’t care what the world thinks. They don’t have the best track record.”

Perhaps the biggest irony of Kerry’s bluster is the inescapable reality that the world right now doesn’t love, fear, or respect President Obama. If Kerry is so worried about America’s image abroad, maybe he should attempt to have a word with his boss.

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss

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