Andrew Cuomo has banned gov’t travel to North Carolina but OK with travel to Cuba

Andrew Cuomo has banned gov’t travel to North Carolina but OK with travel to Cuba

In a purely political stunt, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is putting the kibosh on all non-essential government travel to the Tar Heel State as a protest over its “bathroom bullying.” No, North Carolina state officials are not administering swirlies or wedgies. They are, however, refusing to honor local laws that permit people to use the restroom of their choice independent of the bioliogical sex nature assigned to them.

The prohibition began as a response to a Charlotte ordinance that would allow transgenders to use bathrooms that conform to their gender “self-identity” and has since gone statewide:

As noted here:

The bill accomplishes two main objectives. First, it says that private schools, restaurants, stores, and businesses are free to establish whatever bathroom policies they’d like, but that access to government bathrooms will be determined primarily by biological sex.

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In a statement regarding the bathroom ban, Cuomo wrote, “In New York, we believe that all people – regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation – deserve the same rights and protections under the law.”

Who knew that getting to pee next to people of the opposite sex was a “human right”?

Apart from the sappy sentimentality, the symbolism is quite hypocritical. Cuomo is the same Democratic governor who recently traveled to Cuba to establish trade relations with a country notorious for its human rights abuses. Cuba has no anti-discrimination laws regarding hate speech but it does have a constitutional ban against same-sex marriage.

Obviously Cuomo has no problem with that.

Actually, Cuomo, has no problem with intolerance here at home, either – so long as the target is conservatives. It was just two short years ago that the governor said not everyone is welcome in his state. He announced that Second Amendment supporters, believers in traditional marriage, and those who are pro-life “have no place in the state of New York.”

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