15 times that Obama badmouthed America on his trip to Cuba and Argentina

15 times that Obama badmouthed America on his trip to Cuba and Argentina

In 2008, Michelle Obama declared that for “the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country.” The occasion for that statement was her husband’s nomination as the Democratic candidate for the presidency.

One way of analyzing that statement is to note that it implies there were a significant number of years when she wasn’t very proud of America.

Her husband’s words since having been elected president (twice) indicate that he’s not a huge fan of the nation either.

The president’s dislike of the country is never more clear than when he ventures to other countries. Predictably, President Obama spent a good portion of his trip to Cuba and Argentina talking down America.

How often? At least 15 separate times.

While most presidents in the past have visited other countries and explained why America is the leader of the free world, Obama prefers to apologize or focus on negatives.

Via Grabien:

Lest you thought Obama spent all of his time abroad this week acting like a tourist — sightseeing, taking in a ballgame, tangoing with Argentine beauties — be reassured, he still found plenty of time to point out the many flaws he sees in America.

Between his stays in Havana and Buenos Aires, we counted at least 15 times Obama talked down his employer, The United States of America.

Specifically, he said …

  1. America must have the “courage to acknowledge” its role in Argentina’s human-rights abuses
  2. America can’t be slow talking about human-rights violations, as we’ve done in Argentina
  3. The Constitution’s separation of powers makes it hard for America to adapt to the changing times
  4. America must do more to promote equality
  5. America needs to reduce discrimination
  6. America suffers from “political polarization”
  7. America was built by slaves
  8. America has too much money in politics
  9. America has a problem with racially-biased criminal justice system, a racially-biased society, and a legacy of slavery & segregation
  10. Many American states would have forbidden his biracial parents to marry — had they tried
  11. Many American schools in the south were segregated when he was young
  12. American democracy is imperfect
  13. America’s political process is not pretty, as evidenced by the current 2016 race
  14. Cuba’s Castro’s more readily sharing his thoughts on where America is “falling short” will help us improve
  15. He “doesn’t disagree” with Castro’s view that America should provide “free” health care, education, and social security to all

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Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss

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