Donald Trump: The candidate of REAL hope and change?

Donald Trump: The candidate of REAL hope and change?

“Donald Trump” writes Howard Kurtz at Fox News, “is making a bold prediction about black voters.”

The Donald told the host of Fox’s “Media Buzz” that when all is said and done, blacks in America will like him more than they like Barack Obama.

“Look, the African Americans love me because they know I am going to bring back jobs,” Trump is quoted as boasting. He then upped the ante:

They are going to like me better than they like Obama. The truth is Obama has done nothing for them.

When Kurtz challenged that assertion, Trump toned it down — but only slightly:

I think that relatively speaking — I mean he does have a slight advantage in all fairness — but I think relatively speaking when I am finished I think they will absolutely love Donald Trump.

So, is it even remotely possible that Trump will approach the stratospheric approval rating Obama once enjoyed among blacks? Remember, in 2009 Obama’s approval rating among blacks was — for better or worse — 92%:

Obama approval rating among blacks

Yes, a poll last September showed Trump with 25% support among blacks, but how likely are those numbers to hold? As a voting bloc, blacks have been reliably in the pocket of the Democrats since around the time of FDR.

Yet, if Trump wants to accentuate the positive in his claim about the black vote, he can always point to video below of a black Atlanta woman who actually sees him as the candidate of “real hope and change.” Says the woman:

Trump gives me real hope and change, not fake hope and change. I’m voting for America because I believe in America.

I never thought I’d be saying these words about the country. Democrats don’t speak about the country but I’ve woken up, I’ve seen the truth and the truth is Trump, I believe in this guy to make our country better because our country is going to hell!

My daughter can’t find a job, she’s a college graduate. Black men are 50% unemployed. Our borders are wide open. I love everybody don’t get me wrong, but we have to close our borders.

Trump is speaking the truth and that is why I’m here.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer and regular contributor to "Liberty Unyielding."


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