Snort of the Day: The (hand to God) ‘State of the Union Pre-Show’ hosted by an entertainer *UPDATE*

Snort of the Day: The (hand to God) ‘State of the Union Pre-Show’ hosted by an entertainer *UPDATE*
Crush it, dog.

Just in time for your mind to be adjusting to the inevitability of Obama’s last State of the Union address, we have a winner for the coveted Liberty Unyielding Snort of the Day award.

We don’t give these out often.  A thing has to be really snort-worthy to be an LU Snort of the Day.

But we think you’ll agree that this one is.

There will be an actual entertainment-style pre-show for the SOTU address this evening, hosted by BET Network personality Terrence Jenkins.

No, I wasn’t sure whether to believe it at first either.  We all know about that National Post website that trips up the unwary.  But Showbiz411 is a real site, retailing real entertainment news.  And the allusion to the pre-show streaming from the White House website checks out.

Here’s a screen cap of the notification at the website:


As you can see, it touts the appearances you can expect if you tune in to it:

Tune in right here for a special State of the Union pre-show with special guests including Terrence J, Waleand Matt Berninger and Brent Knopf of EL VY

Talk about bread and circuses.  Who cares from Navy sailors detained by Iran, or anything else uncomfortably real going on, when there’s a hip SOTU pre-show to goggle?

*UPDATE*: OK, here’s my take on the speech.  I don’t know that it will be necessary to say any more than this.  Maybe a Malibu-worthy “whatever, dude.”  Seriously, what is Obama’s deal with casually making bloodthirsty predictions about what will happen to other countries?



J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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