Image of the Day: Which country has the highest firearms murder rate?

Don’t expect his Obamaness to manufacture any tears for the poor slobs in Honduras.

That is the nation with the highest firearms-related murder rate, according to a graph tweeted out by Kyle Becker, senior managing editor and director of viral media for IJReview.

The tweet not only shows graphically which nations have the highest murder rate involving guns, but offers a challenge.

Granted, it’s not that easy to find, even when you try enlarging the chart, but that’s because the U.S. is not represented by one of those big circles colored orange or yellow.

In fact, here it is, tucked away between Argentina, which has a firearms-related murder rate of 10.05, and Mexico, which has a rate of 11.17:


If you prefer your data in list form rather than colored circles, click this link and scroll down to the table of mass shootings by country. The U.S. is still ranked sixth on the list, but that won’t stop the anti-gun lobby from continuing to peddle its gun control myths.

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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