DHS editing Wikipedia to promote rumors of affair between Kevin McCarthy, Renee Ellmers?

DHS editing Wikipedia to promote rumors of affair between Kevin McCarthy, Renee Ellmers?

The shocker here shouldn’t be the rumor about the affair, which has been out there for several months.  The always-entertaining Charles C. Johnson of GotNews (Indian name: “Needs a Corroborating Source”) broke this rumor a while back, and it’s been floating around in the info-ether like something that can’t find the bottom of the toilet bowl.

The shocker isn’t even really that someone using a Department of Homeland Security IP address apparently edited Wikipedia entries for Renee Ellmers (R-NC) and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to include verbiage about their alleged affair.  (Daily Caller‘s initial report, linked above, says that both representatives’ pages were edited.)  Assuming that development is what it looks like, it certainly is worthy of condemnation.  Such edits shouldn’t be happening.


But to me, the real shocker is the history of edits at Wikipedia being performed by one or more users of the DHS server at the IP address — which is unquestionably in a block of IP addresses assigned to DHS.

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DHS Wiki 7

Why in the world is anyone using a taxpayer-funded Internet server to make edits like these?  The edits made from the DHS server are reflected on the right-hand side in each screen-cap below.  Click on each individual image to bring it up separately, so the urgent edits funded by the taxpayers are legible.

DHS Wiki 1

DHS Wiki 2

DHS Wiki 3

DHS Wiki 4

DHS Wiki 5

DHS Wiki 6

There are hundreds of these connected with the DHS IP address.  Inquiring taxpayers would like to know what the heck is going on.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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