Who was the real aggressor in the Jorge Ramos-Donald Trump standoff? An audio tells all

Who was the real aggressor in the Jorge Ramos-Donald Trump standoff? An audio tells all

To listen to the liberal media’s version of events, Univision’s Jorge Ramos appeared at a Trump rally with a legitimate question and was rudely dismissed by the Republican frontrunner. But on Thursday, former GOP congressional candidate Jorge Bonilla suggested in both English and Spanish that Ramos pre-planned and staged his confrontation with the Donald for “maximum impact and ratings.”

The same day, we obtained a piece of audio that would seem to vindicate Bonilla’s accusations. The clip is part of a Spanish-language program based in Colombia, and in it, an individual appearing to sound like Ramos is heard talking about “hunting” Trump for some time before confronting him in Iowa.

“Ramos does not normally leave the comforts of his Miami citadel, unless it is for assignments of his own choosing,” Bonilla wrote. “He certainly does not pound the pavement along with the press corps that is covering the campaign trail. When you consider this fact along with his actions at the press conference, the only reasonable conclusion is that this entire incident was pre-planned and pre-crafted for maximum impact and ratings.”

The English-language translation of the article does not mention Ramos’s apparent plan to track Trump down. However, it does note that Ramos compared the media mogul to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. “I see the phenomenon of Donald Trump and I can compare it to what you are living with Nicolas Maduro and Colombian immigrants there in Venezuela, blaming both the weak and using this for electoral purposes,” he told Darío Arizmendi.

According to a synopsis provided by our source, a naturalized citizen from Ecuador who wished to remain anonymous, Ramos says that he has been “hunting” Trump for about two weeks or so. The Spanish word “cazando,” which means “hunting,” can clearly be heard about 50 seconds into the audio clip. He reportedly got to the Iowa event quite early in order to secure a seat in the front. He was able to get in easily as no one apparently recognized who he was.

His plan, it seems, was to keep talking, no matter what happened. This would appear to conflict with claims that he was simply trying to ask questions. Bonilla addressed this claim as well, saying that Ramos provided “no actual questions in that first exchange.”

As we reported Thursday, Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, condemned Ramos for his action, calling him a “pro-amnesty activist masquerading as a journalist.” Bozell also said that Ramos “is not a ‘reporter’ nor does he therefore have the ‘right to ask questions.’ Ramos embarrassed both himself and his profession by becoming the story with his unseemly antics.”

MRC Latino Director Ken Oliver-Mendez also condemned Ramos, saying the Univision anchor, “clearly crossed the line between reporting and editorializing.” The audio we obtained would appear to indicate that Ramos may have gone well beyond editorializing.

“Ramos just wanted to heckle, grab attention, and feed into a martyrdom complex upon receiving pushback,” Bonilla said. “Of course he did, aided and abetted by his enablers in the mainstream media. “’I am a journalist and my job is to ask questions. No, we are not going to sit down and we are not going to go away.’”

It should be noted that the lamestream media has been careful to avoid mentioning, much less embedding, the telltale video in its coverage.

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