Unknown shooters fire at Camp Shelby, MS, a Jade Helm training site

Unknown shooters fire at Camp Shelby, MS, a Jade Helm training site

At the moment, no detailed description is available that would give a clue as to who the two men are.  But WDAM-7 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi reports that the local sheriff is looking for two white men in a red Ford pickup truck who fired at soldiers at Camp Shelby at about 12:10 PM on Tuesday.

A Joint Forces Training Center (largely used for Reserve and National Guard training) is located at Camp Shelby, and is hosting a Special Operations Task Force (SOTF) headquarters for the Jade Helm 15 exercise.  For more on Jade Helm, see here and here.  The Jade Helm HQ is reflected on this map used for Army briefings on the exercise to the public.

Notional geography for Exercise Jade Helm 2015.  (Army Special Operations Command briefing)
Notional geography for Exercise Jade Helm 2015. (Army Special Operations Command briefing)

The Camp Shelby site is, of course, not located in Texas, where citizens have expressed concern about the field-deployment aspect of Jade Helm, which puts special forces in small towns and on private property.  The activity at Camp Shelby is taking place on the military compound.  Thus, whatever the origin of the shooting, it can’t be related to the plan of Texans to monitor the field-deployed forces in their state.

This is a developing story and it doesn’t look like the national media have picked it up yet.

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NOTE:  The news story was just updated (right before going to post) to reflect that a pickup truck matching the description of the shooters’ vehicle was found in New Augusta.  No sign of the shooters reported.  The location looks like a property with a mobile home.

Here’s WDAM-7:

Authorities are searching for two suspects who allegedly fired shots at a group of soldiers at the Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center. 

Perry County deputies have confirmed that shots were fired around 12:10 p.m. on a group of soldiers training in the area.

Perry County Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith said that there were no injuries reported.

A vehicle matching the description of the two suspects truck was found near New Augusta off Old Augusta Road. The suspects were driving a red Ford Ranger with the words “broken arrow” on the windshield. Two men are being questioned by MHP, but are not under arrest at this time. 

Police are still searching for two white males who allegedly fired from the vehicle and fled in the vehicle. 


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