Remember When Marilyn Mosby bragged about 5 generations of police in her family?

Remember When Marilyn Mosby bragged about 5 generations of police in her family?

Remember when Marilyn Mosby bragged about her five generations of ‘policing’ in her family when charging six officers in the death of Freddie Gray?

Well …. check this out.

Here is a brief excerpt from The Daily Caller.

Personnel records obtained by The Daily Caller show that Mosby’s mother, Linda Thompson, first violated the Boston police department’s substance abuse policy in 2006. After serving a 45-day rehab stint, Thompson violated the drug code again and voluntarily resigned on Feb. 1, 2008, rather than be fired.

The early retirement allowed Thompson, now 52, to draw a $1,810.69 monthly pension.

Thompson is not the only member of Mosby’s family to have had a rocky policing career. Mosby’s father was fired from the Boston police department in 1991 following acaccusations that he and his partner robbed drug dealers at gun point. Mosby’s uncle was fired from Boston PD in 2001 after testing positive for cocaine. Her grandfather was a well-respected Boston cop, but he ultimately and unsuccessfully sued the department for racial discrimination in the 1980s.

I guess it should be no surprise to anyone reading this that Mosby has some things in her family that are not quite “perfect.”   Please continue the full story below.

By The Daily Caller:

Marilyn Mosby’s Mom Resigned Boston Police Force | The Daily Caller

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