Hillary’s email problem just got worse

Hillary’s email problem just got worse

Last night Hillary Clinton’s email scandal took a turn for the worse. According to the New York Times, in December 2012, then-chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darrell Issa sent the Democratic Party heir apparent a letter asking if she used personal email.

Clinton never answered.

When the State Department finally got around to answering the letter in March 2013, nearly two months after Clinton left office, it ignored the particular question, which means either they didn’t know (except we already know they were aware) or they chose not to expose Mrs. Clinton.

“Have you or any senior agency official ever used a personal email account to conduct official business?” Mr. Issa wrote to Mrs. Clinton. “If so, please identify the account used.”

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Mr. Issa also asked Mrs. Clinton, “Does the agency require employees to certify on a periodic basis or at the end of their employment with the agency they have turned over any communications involving official business that they have sent or received using nonofficial accounts?”

Mr. Issa’s letter also sought written documentation of the department’s policies for the use of personal email for government business. Mrs. Clinton left the State Department on Feb. 1, 2013, seven weeks after the letter was sent to her.

When Mr. Issa received a response from the State Department on March 27, all he got was a description of the department’s email policies. According to the letter, any employee using a personal account “should make it clear that his or her personal email is not being used for official business.”

Another problem for Clinton based on this report is that she knew that Congress was asking about the emails while she still sat in an office in Foggy Bottom, and still went ahead and erased the emails a year and a half later.

It also feeds the meme that Clinton feels she is above the law, that their are two sets of rules: one for the Clintons and one for the common folks.

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz

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