Student discount? Businesses should give a taxpayer discount instead

Student discount? Businesses should give a taxpayer discount instead

All across the globe, students with an ID from an accredited college or university receive a discount on purchases. If I were running a business, I would not offer a discount to students but to taxpayers.

When you think about it, student IDs are part of a fascinating rewards system. Back when I was traveling in Egypt, I met two Swedish bisexual sexology students (yes, you can really major in this!). Actually they were both part-time students, and both nearly 40 years old. The Swedish government was still financing their education and also paying their living expenses. So with their government-financed savings, they were taking a holiday, while being rewarded with student discounts at attractions like the pyramids. I didn’t even get the discount when one fornicated with the male virgin Egyptian hotel clerk in my room.

A few days earlier in another guesthouse, I met a Dutch guy, now a regular resident in Cairo. He was technically disabled, although in his late 20s. He explained how before he had stress. So he found a doctor of his choice who asked him, “What makes you stressed?” The Dutch guy said, “Working.” The doctor then told him that he is now disabled and can’t work. The result? A government disability salary, plus a free apartment to live in.

It gets better: The Dutch guy then decided that he could rent out his place, collect disability income, and live/travel abroad.

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“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act,” Orwell wrote in “1984.” If Orwell were alive today he might instead say, “In a time of universal degeneracy, expecting financially responsible is a revolutionary act.”

Today in the United States, nearly 50% of all households pay no federal income tax. In 1985, that figure was only 15%. Nearly 5% of the population considered to be “working eligible” is now collecting disability. The idea of expecting society to pay its fair share of tax is becoming a revolutionary act.

Next on the agenda of change, from the man occupying the White House, is student debt forgiveness, intended to further today’s moral hazard of financial responsibility.

Mark Twain once said, “I never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Today he might say, “I never let someone else’s schooling interfere with my taxes.”

Finally, I can say it feels good having no businesses or income, and one less feeling of being financially raped by an oppressive government and the degenerate self-serving society who voted these characters into office.

Very nice of these “folks” to keep working and paying income tax, though, supporting half the population who don’t.

Such nice deeds should be rewarded.

If I ever start another business, you’re welcome to a discount on your purchases as long as you can prove you contribute to society and are not a parasite.

“One taxpayer discount, please!” Yes sir, certainly!

Citizen Liberty

Citizen Liberty

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