Tweet of the Day: PolitiFact takes on ‘Jesus vs. Mike Pence’ debate

If you’re like me, you may not have known that there’s a Jesus-vs.-Mike Pence debate.  Now you do.

An advocacy group called US Uncut posted a graphic to Facebook this weekend, comparing Mike Pence’s policy actions as governor of Indiana to the facts of Jesus’ life and teachings.  Apparently, this seemed like a good idea to someone; the premise is that Pence claims to be a Christian, so his actions can be compared to a (sort of) Jesus-inspired standard.

US Uncut minces no words in its call to Facebook readers:

Pence is not alone, but rather represents the new face of the Christian right: a hollow shell of hatred and intolerance, wrapped in the name of a prophet who they long ago abandoned. SHARE to make hypocrites’ heads explode.

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Here’s the US Uncut Facebook post.  (Which technically makes this a two-fer, I guess: a combination Tweet of the Day and Facebook post-of-the-day Total Post of Awesome Epicness.)


Indiana Governor Mike Pence claims he’s a Christian but his actions are the polar opposite of Jesus’ teachings. As…

Posted by US Uncut on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

No biggie, right?  But it’s the PolitiFact response that clocks in at “priceless.”  PolitiFact fact-checked US Uncut, and deemed its claims to be “mostly true.”


It’s not entirely clear if PolitiFact is vouching for anything other than the list of charges against Mike Pence.  Those charges are the only ones addressed in the (coveted) PolitiFact Rating:

The activist group US Uncut said Gov. Mike Pence provided zero state funding for homeless shelters. While the state budget and summaries from the experts and staffers we contacted confirmed that, it’s really an approach of the Indiana state government more than that of any particular person.

Advocates say the state has never funded homeless shelters, a de facto policy that includes the consent of both the Legislature and former Democratic governors.

We rate the claim Mostly True.

I, for one, want to see a more empirical treatment of the US Uncut prophecy about heads exploding.  But that’s me.  Others have jumped into the fray to basically ream PolitiFact a new one for seeming to claim they’ve “fact-checked” a Mike Pence-Jesus comparison.  Granted, that isn’t exactly what the PolitiFact running-squirrels have done.  But it’s also an open question what it is they think they have done.  There’s a whole lot of unparsable impressionism in this one.

Tweeps just want to have fun, however.  (A little language in the original tweets below.)  


Some respondents can’t get past the errors and omissions in the “Jesus” side of the graphic.  


And others stay really admirably on message, no matter what the original topic.  

(H/t: Twitchy)

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