NY Sen. Chuck Schumer breaks with Obama, co-sponsors bill requiring congressional approval of Iran deal

NY Sen. Chuck Schumer breaks with Obama, co-sponsors bill requiring congressional approval of Iran deal

In a blow to President Obama, New York Senator Chuck Schumer announced that he will co-sponsor the “Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015,” which requires that any final deal with Iran must be submitted to Congress.

The president has said he would veto such a bill as he doesn’t believe the Congress has the right to advise and consent on this “agreement” because he is not calling it a treaty.

Schumer has already publicly announced support for the legislation, which prohibits the President from suspending or reducing congressional sanctions on Iran for sixty days while Congress reviews the deal.

Schumer today said that it is absolutely critical to prevent a nuclear Iran because it is an existential threat to Israel, would further destabilize an already volatile region, and is a strategic threat to the United States. Schumer explained that the bipartisan Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, sponsored by U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn) and Robert Menendez (D-NJ), will help ensure congressional review of the final Iran deal before it is put into place. Schumer also noted that Congress played a pivotal role in crafting the sanctions regime, which brought Iran to the bargaining table, and that changes to that regime should be reviewed by it.

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“We must do everything to prevent a nuclear Iran and so any potential agreement must prevent Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon. Congress played a lead role in crafting the tough-and-effective sanctions regime that brought Iran to the table, and Congress should have a role on how those sanctions are altered in any final agreement with Iran. That’s why I strongly support this legislation, which will give Congress the ability to weigh in on any potential Iran deal. This issue is far too important – for the United States, for Israel, for the entire Middle East – for Congress not to have any ability to review a nuclear deal with Iran,” said Senator Schumer.

What is not known is whether the senator will continue to support the bill in a vote to override the president’s veto.

I have contacted Schumer’s communications people for a clarification but it was well after the end of the work day so check back as I will update the post with the Senator’s clarification.

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