Horrific beating by girl-gang at NYC McDonald’s; ‘community activist’ blames the restaurant (Video)

Horrific beating by girl-gang at NYC McDonald’s; ‘community activist’ blames the restaurant (Video)

It’s like everything that’s wrong with America now, wrapped up in one incident.

This incident reportedly occurred on Monday, 9 March, at a McDonald’s in Flatbush.  The sequence of events apparently involved the teenage girls and their victim, all black, planning to fight over some beef they had between them.  The victim, 15, attends Erasmus Hall High School.  According to the Daily News:

Police believe the brawlers were embroiled in an ongoing feud over “someone telling lies” about the victim, a source close to the case said.

The teens set up the encounter at McDonald’s, the source said. “(The victim) was there to fight,” a second police source said. “It looks like they went there to straighten out their differences and she wound up getting the worst of it.”

The video clearly shows the victim throwing the first punch, but, within seconds, her 17-year-old rival and three other teens swarm her and launch a volley of teeth-rattling haymakers at her head.

“At first she was fighting just one girl,” said 15-year-old Tiana Smith, who saw the fight as she walked by the McDonald’s Monday. “Then like about eight to 10 others joined. It looked like 100. I felt bad for her. No one was helping her. It was messed up. Not even the adults (helped her).”

“I wanted to help her, but I knew I would get jumped, too,” Smith said.

Watching the video (below; graphic and language-y), you too may be as “stunned” as other New Yorkers have been that no one tries to help the girl being beat up.  At one point, after the four bigger girls have stopped whaling on the victim for a moment, an adult man does come into the scene and is trying to talk everyone down.  But it’s quite depressing that that doesn’t do any real good.  One of the thuggish assailants just keeps moving toward the victim, who is on the floor, and kicking and stomping her — while the man is trying to intervene.  There are multiple other males present — there’s a sizable crowd — and none of them joins with him to physically restrain the attackers and separate them from the victim.

Teaching these girls not to behave like animals is something the community of people we see in the video is clearly not equipped to do.  Although it would be a lie to say that this kind of pattern isn’t more prevalent in black communities than in others, it would also be a lie to say that the pattern exists among all blacks in America.  It’s not even prevalent among all poor blacks in America.  This is a pattern of generational welfarism and fatherlessness — which also produces motherlessness.  It takes both, fathers and mothers, to raise civilized human beings.  The comparative lack of respect for the adult man who steps in, in this video, tells us everything we need to know about the social environment.  When the girls feel like getting violent again, he steps back.  They do whatever they want.

The village can’t do this job.  Let’s review what the village did, and had to say, about this incident.

1.  No one in the crowd in the restaurant tried to physically stop the altercation or even call 911.

2.  The employees of McDonald’s called 911 — twice, in six minutes — but were not equipped to do more.

3.  The police arrived and have tried to get the victim to make a report and name her attackers, but she won’t.  They took her, bruised and bleeding, back to her school.  Witnesses won’t give statements either.  (Obviously, everyone’s on video, and the police have now made at least one arrest.)

4.  At school, the authorities persuaded the victim to go to the hospital.  This is what school officials said:

“The actions in this video are abhorrent and our primary concern right now is for the well-being of the student,” schools spokesman Jason Fink said in a statement.

And what’s the school going to say?  It’s the school; it’s not the victim’s father or mother.  It’s also not “the community,” and it is therefore silent on the most important aspect of the whole situation, which is that the girls who did this need the kind of uncompromising correction they should have gotten more than 10 years go.  This is not a “manageable problem”; it’s not something to study for clues or insight; it’s not something other people need to “understand.”  It’s an evil human tendency that needs to be deterred and rebuked and punished and corrected out of all of us.  Those girls need badly to be corrected, challenged, and given something better to think about — as well brought-up children of any race are.

It’s not the people who know better and live better than these girls do who need to “understand.”  It does the girls no good for anyone to “understand” what’s going on in their heads.  We all understand being angry and wanting to lash out.  Big whoop.  What good does it do us?  What we, and those girls, need to understand is the benefits of living differently, and not acting on those urges.  It’s the girls who need to change, not the rest of us.  And the village we see in this story has nothing to offer them.

5.  The police, as usual, are now patrolling the McDonald’s in force — after the fact.  This will go on for a while, and then stop.  The teens with beefs will take their fights elsewhere.  Nothing the police can do, in the performance of their chartered duties, can change or proactively prevent this kind of situation.

6. The one “community activist” quoted in the story dismisses the mindset of the gang girls, and is himself thinking divisively and with lawsuits in mind.  That’s where the self-appointed community activists in your village are: excusing the wrongdoers and looking for the shakedown.  Here’s Mr. Tony Herbert:

Cops were out in force at the McDonald’s Wednesday, but Herbert claimed the chain has to take some responsibility.

“The NYPD is not their private security force,” Herbert said. “They have to provide security knowing they get an abundance of these young minds.”

“Young minds.”  Right.


J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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