Crowds of ‘moderate Muslims’ flock to theaters in Syria to watch film of Islamic State atrocities

Crowds of ‘moderate Muslims’ flock to theaters in Syria to watch film of Islamic State atrocities
Scene from the film in which a blindfolded disbeliever is thrown to his death from a rooftop

The “moderate Muslims” of the Middle East, to hear the White House tell it, are just as appalled as you are by the barbaric and inhuman acts carried out by the Islamic State. But that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy watching.

According to the Daily Mail, “photographs taken in Aleppo [Syria] province show crowds sitting cross-legged on the floor of a theatre where they watch gruesome footage of beheadings, shootings and people being burnt to death.”

Boys who appear no older than eight are seen sitting alongside bearded militants in the picture house, where the brutal beheadings of Western hostages by Jihadi John, and the sickening murder of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh are played over and over.


Young children stare intently at the shocking images of beheadings and immolation as they sit alongside thick-bearded men wearing military fatigues and traditional Arabic clothing.

The article notes that the death by fire of al-Kaseasbeh is a crowd favorite.

The chilling footage, entitled ‘Healing the Believers’ Chests’, shows the caged airman wearing an orange jumpsuit and seemingly doused in fuel as a trail of petrol leading up to the iron bars is seen being set alight.

Flames are seen quickly spreading across the dirt to the cage, where they completely engulf the helpless pilot in images that are far too distressing to publish.

Extremists pour debris, including broken masonry, over the cage, which is then flattened by a bulldozer.

The horrific murder led to Jordan immediately executing two ISIS prisoners and carrying out an unprecedented number of attacks on the terror group in Syria.

In the video that follows (warning: graphic images), bodies of soldiers are dragged along the streets by militants riding motorbikes.

The Daily Mail notes that the images were released by local activist group titled Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, which is seeking to expose the IS’s atrocities. It seems the terrorist group is already pretty adept at that themselves, but credit goes to the activists for trying.

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