Bonus Tweet for the day: 23 Republicans who did go to Selma (including one very big name)

Bonus Tweet for the day: 23 Republicans who did go to Selma (including one very big name)

Charles C. W. Cooke isn’t the only conservative pundit who took the House GOP leadership to task for not planning to show up in Selma for the 50th anniversary of the now iconic walk in 1965.  But he may have been the most eloquent.

I have a hard time being eloquent, I confess, because I’m so disgusted with the GOP leaders who didn’t think it was important to go.  What party do they think they belong to?  The one that was synonymous for nearly 100 years with the Ku Klux Klan: the Democratic Party?  The one that ruled the state legislatures of the South during the Jim Crow and segregation era: the Democratic Party?  The one that today sees black Americans almost exclusively through the lens of victim politics, and thinks black leaders who espouse the values of liberty and responsibility are “Uncle Toms” who “act white” — you guessed it, the Democratic Party?

Don’t these GOP leaders know their party — the party of Abraham Lincoln and emancipation — is the one that advocated for civil rights, and in favor of equality, not victimology, for black Americans?  What are they, stupid??

OK, I feel better now.  The leftosphere has naturally been making hay of this.  And as far I’m concerned, John Boehner, The Man Who Was Not In Selma Today, deserves everything he gets.  But apparently, left-wing bloggers are out there claiming that no Republicans at all showed up in Selma.  And that’s not true.  There were at least 23 Republican leaders in Selma (although there surely should have been more).

The feature image for this post shows two who were there: Senator Tim Scott of North [SIGH] South Carolina (“your other North”), and Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, House Majority Leader (who reportedly decided to go late on Friday).

But there was another big-name Republican there, leading the pack.  Your Bonus Tweet for 7 March:


J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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