Ohio man, calling himself Jesus, hoped to poison John Boehner (Video)

Ohio man, calling himself Jesus, hoped to poison John Boehner (Video)

It’s not that unusual for the police to have to field crackpot threats against high-profile politicians and celebrities.  But in the case of Michael Robert Hoyt, 44, of Cincinnati, the opportunity to actually make good on his threats appears to have been readily available for a long time.

Hoyt was reportedly a bartender at House Speaker Boehner’s Ohio country club for more than five years, and served drinks to Boehner on numerous occasions.  Police documents released on Hoyt seem clearly to indicate he has mental problems, and in October 2014, he was let go from his job at the country club.

Hoyt regarded this as Boehner’s fault.  On 29 October he called 911 to engage in a peculiar interaction with law enforcement.  Fox News has the complaint against him embedded here.  It contains this arresting passage:

On October 29, 3014, at approximately 12:02 p.m., HOYT dialed 911.  Before hanging up, HOYT provided his first name and requested that the operator tell his father that he was sorry.  An officer from the Deer Park Police Department responded to HOYT’s address and made contact with HOYT.  HOYT advised that he had been fired from his job at Wetherington Country Club in West Chester, Ohio, and did not have time to put something in John Boehner’s drink.  HOYT told the officer that he was Jesus Christ and was going to kill Boehner because Boehner was mean to him at the country club and because Boehner is responsible for Ebola.  HOYT advised he had a loaded .380 Automatic, and he was going to shoot Boehner and take off.  HOYT volunteered to be taken to University of Cincinnati Hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

The Deer Park police contacted the Capitol Police to make them aware of the threat to Boehner.  According to WCPO 9 (first link, above), Hoyt had sent a weird, meandering email to Boehner’s wife Debbie the day before:

Hoyt: “Mr. Boehner, I sincerely do not want to embarrass anyone. I am willing to drop all of this if you and Dr. Bob Buring deliver my termination report to me personally, or transport me to a secure location where the three of us can have an honest conversation. If I had any intention of hurting Mr. Boehner, I could have poisoned his wine at Wetherington many, many times. I do not believe I have lied about anything nor exaggerated. This is extremely urgent. Tuesday. Earlier the better. Talk to Dr. Bob Buring. PLEASE!!! We can work together and succeed or …..fail miserably. My phone died. I am at home. I have a dog and cat so please do not bust in. I will leave my lights on inside and out all night. You probably already know where I live. …”

Debbie Boehner: “What is this about??”

Hoyt: “Mrs. Boehner, I was fired. I could not email Mr. Boehner directly because of the zip code block on his email. It doesn’t matter anyway. If he took a real interest in anything he would insure his Club was better than the Country, but they are exactly the same and life goes on SSDD. Sincerely, Mike. Mike, your former bartender.”

Hoyt reported hearing messages from the devil coming from the speakers in his car, identifying Boehner to him as evil.

Boehner knew who Hoyt was, of course:

Boehner told agents he knew Hoyt as the bartender at the West Chester country club, but did not remember any negative interactions with him.

Hoyt was indicted on 7 January on a charge of threatening to murder John Boehner.  It’s certainly possible that there will be more strange information about this event.  One data point can be confirmed from the Hamilton County voter rolls: Mr. Hoyt is a registered voter, but is not registered with a party affiliation.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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