Picture of the Day: Cartoon of children asking Santa to keep them ‘safe from police’ draws fire

Recently, a minor stink arose in the mainstream media over a Capitol Hill staffer’s taking the president’s daughters to task for their churlishness during a photo op. The woman responsible for the criticism, Elizabeth Lauten, was ultimately fired, and members of the Fourth Estate wagged a finger at criticism-inclined colleagues, reminding them that children are “off limits.”

How’s about the liberal side of the press practicing what it preaches? That would mean sharing the outrage generated by this editorial cartoon, which was published in a Bucks County newspaper:

Cartoon keep us safe from polcie

According to Philly.com, the cartoon’s potential to offend isn’t limited to children:

In a scathing letter yesterday, Philadelphia FOP [Fraternal Order of Police] Lodge 5 president John McNesby demanded an apology from the Bucks County Courier Times for the

The cartoon, which appeared in the paper last Sunday, drew criticism in letters to the editor and on social media, providing executive editor Patricia S. Meagher-Walker with an opportunity to set things right. Instead she wrote:

Our Editorial Page is a forum for opinions, even controversial ones. Letters, cartoons and guest opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our editorial board, rather that of the author or artist.

Those who subscribe to this newspaper understand our commitment to the community and our steadfast support for law enforcement and those who work very hard to make Bucks County a better place to live. We are united in that effort.

In other words, nothing doing. Meanwhile, university presidents and law school professors are apologizing profusely for daring to offer up the view that there may be another side to the story that has liberals’ knickers in a knot.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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