Obama groupies get behind Elizabeth Warren, but can the middle class afford four more years?

Obama groupies get behind Elizabeth Warren, but can the middle class afford four more years?

An open letter has been posted online by 300 Obama enthusiasts who have decide to throw their collective weight behind radical U.S. Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren. The letter reads like a number of bullet points, the first of which concedes that Warren at this point would be a long shot. The last purports to have the interests of “working families” in mind.

The desire to help middle class families is of course a page straight out of the Obama mission statement. Unfortunately for him, his policies have done more to help Wall Street than Main Street. As Annalyn Kurtz wrote at CNN Money back in January, American “workers are taking home their smallest slice of U.S. income on record”:

At around $15.8 trillion a year, the United States produces more in annual economic output than ever before, but it’s not the worker that’s benefiting. Instead, corporate profits now account for their largest slice of that pie on record, whereas the slice for workers has been steadily declining.

Equally discouraging for those who put their faith in Obama, under his stewardship inequality has widened, and the poverty rate remains high. A post from August at the Independent Women’s Forum paints an equally pessimistic picture.

While some of the failings of the Obama presidency are as much a function of his incompetence as they are his policies, the risk of repeating them by electing Warren may be too great for the middle class to be willing to gamble on. Keep in mind that Warren has less experience at governance than Obama did in 2008, and like him she has no executive experience.

If the midterms are any indication, the American voter is ready for a change in leadership, which in the end may return Warren to the reservation.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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