Gowdy blasts witness who suggests GOP racially-motivated on immigration (Video)

Gowdy blasts witness who suggests GOP racially-motivated on immigration (Video)
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U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) unleashed on a Congressional committee witness who suggested Republicans’ motives for opposing President Barack Obama’s amnesty executive order are based on race.

Marielena Hincapie, the executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, made her race-based assessment in response to a previous question by Rep. Stephen Cohen (D-Tenn.) during her appearance this week before the House Judiciary Committee.

When Gowdy’s turn at bat came up, he led by asking about her racism claim.

“You suggested race was the basis for why we may have this constitutional perspective; did I understand you correctly?” he asked.

When Hincapie attempted to wander off-topic, he brought her abruptly back on course.

“For you to run to race as the explanation for why we hold the position that we do,” Gowdy said. “Harry Reid had a very different perspective on recess appointments when there was a Texan in the White House and none of us accused him of geographic discrimination.”

Gowdy continued, taking up a full minute of the five-minute limit imposed upon him for questioning.

In fact, hell, for that matter, Sen. Obama had a different perspective on executive overreach than President Obama and nobody runs to race as an explanation for that. So I would just caution you to be careful when you try to import motives to people.

It’s not just Republicans who oppose the president’s amnesty executive order. Forty-five percent of Americans overall oppose it, compared to 38% who support it, according to a recent Economist/YouGov poll.

Those opposing Obama’s use of an executive order for this purpose include 51% of independent voters, as opposed to 31% who approve it. Sixteen percent of Democrats polled opposed Obama’s order.

Pop some corn, grab a cold drink, and watch the fireworks in the clip below.

Michael Dorstewitz

Michael Dorstewitz

Michael Dorstewitz is a recovering Michigan trial lawyer and former research vessel deck officer. He has written extensively for BizPac Review.

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