The Vow — and a Jewish-Christian voting guide for Nov. 4 (Video)

The Vow — and a Jewish-Christian voting guide for Nov. 4 (Video)

Here comes the mid-term election.

Confused?  So are we, sometimes.

Not so confused?  Good, you’ve come to the right place.

You know what you believe, but that doesn’t always help you evaluate proposed policies, or what the candidates say they believe.

What if you had something go by: a basic statement of principle on how some of the most important American policies should be approached?  Suppose you could see how candidates say they stand on that statement.

Suppose you had a voter guide on issues, developed to address many of the concerns Christian and Jewish voters have about both domestic and foreign policy.  Suppose you could get that guide to distribute to your church or synagogue before Election Day on November 4th.

And suppose the materials were made available to you at no charge from a single, convenient website, where you can also find legal resources for clergy and religious leaders, videos of commentary and debate, and voter guides on more specific topics.

Would you be interested in a set of resources developed with the help of leaders like Jim DeMint, Frank Gaffney, David Brog, Maggie Gallagher, Kirk Cameron, Chris Chocola, Matt Barber, Michelle Bachmann, Jerry Boykin, David Rivkin, and Tony Perkins?

If so, The Vow Consortium is the website for you.  In partnership with the Liberty Alliance media family, Liberty Unyielding is getting out the word about this invaluable resource to help conservative leaders prepare for next Tuesday.

The Vow Consortium asks candidates where they stand on the Life, Marriage, Conscience, & Israel Vow.


The full text of the Vow, with a focused discussion of national spending, and political maneuvering and priorities, can be viewed in the PDF file here.

You’ll find voting guides like the ones listed below at The Vow Consortium website.

TheVow guides

And when you’re ready to order, you can do it from this page, whether you ask to have printed materials delivered (deadline for that is Thursday, October 30th) or can accept them via email, for printing or other distribution at your end.

The Vow Consortium, through the generosity of its donors, is even able to make some funding available for the distribution costs you may incur.  See the special insert (in yellow) on the main webpage.

So what are you waiting for?  There’s a country to save.

LU Staff

LU Staff

Promoting and defending liberty, as defined by the nation’s founders, requires both facts and philosophical thought, transcending all elements of our culture, from partisan politics to social issues, the workings of government, and entertainment and off-duty interests. Liberty Unyielding is committed to bringing together voices that will fuel the flame of liberty, with a dialogue that is lively and informative.


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