Video: Classy Davis campaign attacks Greg Abbott with ’empty wheelchair’ ad

Video: Classy Davis campaign attacks Greg Abbott with ’empty wheelchair’ ad
Check with Clint Eastwood next time, huh, dudes?

No one is going to remember whatever message it is the Wendy Davis campaign thinks it’s putting out with this ill-conceived video.  The only thing they’ll remember is that the ad appears to make fun of Greg Abbott’s disability and reliance on a wheelchair.

Abbott, the Texas attorney general running for governor this year, has been a paraplegic since a tree fell on him in 1984.  That hasn’t prevented him from living a full and rich life, with a lovely family and long service to the public.

Now the troubled Davis campaign — which granted has suffered the drawback of trying to sell Texas voters on a woman aptly nicknamed “Abortion Barbie” — has signed its own death warrant.  Shot itself in the foot.  Scored an own goal.  Behaved stupidly, at the very least.  This was so easy to avoid; clearly, someone thought it was a good idea to run an attack ad against a wheelchair-bound opponent featuring an empty wheelchair.

Not much else to say, really.  Congratulations, Governor Abbott.

(H/t: Breitbart)

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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