CBS deletes Bibi’s rebuke of Obama from ‘Face the Nation’ broadcast (Video)

CBS deletes Bibi’s rebuke of Obama from ‘Face the Nation’ broadcast (Video)

Viewers of “Face the Nation,” which aired Sunday on CBS News, would have been left with the impression that there was nothing negative about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s relationship with President Barack Obama–that it was “quite good.” That’s because any negative comments were edited out of the broadcast. What viewers heard from the prime minister was:

Actually, it’s quite good. We had a conversation, I don’t want to say like an old married couple, but the president said that he’s had more meetings with me than with any other foreign leader. I think you get to a point of mutual respect, you cut to the chase very quickly. You talk about the real things, openly, as is befitting of real allies. I think we have a relationship of mutual respect, and mutual appreciation.

After the CBS News program aired, The Huffington Post announced in a headline that “Netanyahu Gushes About His Relationship With Obama.”

Here’s a clip of that portion of the broadcast, via TruthRevolt:

But those who took the extra step of going to the CBS News website leaned that the relationship between the two leaders wasn’t all “mutual respect and mutual appreciation.”

“Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer brought up Obama’s own criticism of Netanyahu after the two men met last week, and noted a White House statement warning that if Israel “goes forward with new settlements in East Jerusalem, [they will] risk the condemnation of even [their] closest allies.”

The Israeli prime minister responded that Obama’s critique didn’t reflect American ideals:

I was baffled by this statement because it doesn’t really reflect American values. What we are being criticized for is that some Jewish residents of Jerusalem bought apartments legally from Arabs in a predominately Arab neighborhood and this is seen as a terrible thing.

He went on to note that the door swings both ways. Arabs have been purchasing property for years in predominately Jewish neighborhoods without criticism. Why complain when the situation is reversed?

Arabs in East Jerusalem, Palestinians, buy apartments, thousands of them, in the Jewish neighborhoods in West Jerusalem. Nobody says “you can’t do it.” If I said to you, in some place in the United States, “Jews cannot buy apartments here,” there would be an uproar. I don’t accept this thing.

When Schieffer pressed the issue, Netanyahu referred to any effort that promotes the segregation of Arabs and Jews as an “affront to peace.”

I think actually this whole line that says that “Jews can’t buy apartments in Jerusalem,” the capital of the Jewish people for the last 3,000 years since King David, or “you cannot have mixed housing projects for Jews and Arabs,” I think this is anti-peace. I think condemning it is wrong. And I’m frankly baffled, I think it’s not the American way.

Watch the exchange viewers missed, via The Washington Free Beacon.

Michael Dorstewitz

Michael Dorstewitz

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