CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill: ‘People behead for all sorts of reasons’

CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill: ‘People behead for all sorts of reasons’
Marc Lamont Hill (right)

It’s true. Some people eat when they’re depressed, others behead. People behead when they’re happy, they behead when they’re bored, they behead when they’re lonely.

CNN political analyst, Marc Lamont Hill, made an argument that the religion of Islam had no role as a motivator in the beheading of an Oklahoma woman, despite the suspect’s conversion to the religion. It’s an often-heard argument in the liberal media.

What made Hill’s remarks rather unique was this quotable quote: “People behead for all sorts of reasons.”

You read that right. Here’s the whole quote:

I reject that idea. Similarly, I reject the idea that a beheading as such means terrorism. I mean that’s absurd. People behead for all sorts of reasons, all of them disturbing, all of them disgusting. But the act of beheading per se does not make it terrorism. Now the question of whether this person had a religious connection to Islam is an interesting one and a necessary one to ask. But again, because someone is Muslim and they commit an act of workplace violence, that doesn’t necessarily make them a terrorist.

Both of the other panelists objected, arguing that the beheading in Oklahoma was not workplace violence.

Watch the entire segment below:

Anyone with common sense understands that people do not conduct these atrocities for a variety of reasons.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Australia was thwarting a plot by followers of the Islamic State to behead members of the public.

The U.S. is currently conducting airstrikes in Iraq and Syria because the Islamic State posted multiple beheading videos of American journalists.

In the case of the Oklahoma beheading, the suspect was allegedly shouting Islamic phrases during the attack. He also posted a graphic picture of an actual beheading.

So no, people do not actually behead “for all sorts of reasons.” Nor for all sorts of religions. Nor cultures.

Islam is inextricably linked to these violent acts, no matter what narrative that the media try to push.

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