Picture of the Day: Dem wants monument to climate change on National Mall; so do I

Picture of the Day: Dem wants monument to climate change on National Mall; so do I

Laura Barron-Lopez of the Hill reports that Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) suggested that “Republicans should build a ‘do nothing’ monument on the National Mall dedicated to climate change.”

The occasion for the remarks was a hearing on the administration’s controversial climate regulation, which seeks to cut carbon dioxide emissions from the nation’s power plants. It is just one of many issues on which Democrats and Republicans are bitterly divided.

Here is what Swalwell said:

I would challenge my colleagues on the other side that, if they want to do nothing, let’s go ahead and build a do nothing climate wall and put it somewhere out on the Washington Mall.

And we can put all the names of the people who thought we should do nothing, and in a hundred years, we can let our children and grandchildren go to that wall and see who wanted to do nothing and who wanted to do something.

I seldom agree with Democrats, but I really believe that Swalwell is onto something. I agree with him: There should be a monument erected somewhere in Washington, and it should be adorned in some way with the likenesses of the individuals shown in this selfie, along with that of Al Gore.


The faces on the left and right of this latter-day Rushmore, in case either is unfamiliar, are respectively Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson. (I suspect you know the identity of the stuffed suit in the middle.)

What makes Nye so appropriate to such a monument is not just his nickname, “the Science Guy,” but that the Left take him so seriously. No less a liberal clown that “comedian” John Oliver harrumphed in an episode of his fake news program on climate change skepticism that whenever Nye appears on TV to defend his views on climate science, “it’s always Bill, the Science Guy, vs. some dude.” The joke, which Oliver is not in on, is that Nye does not hold a degree in climatology, astrophysics, or anything close. In fact, he doesn’t hold an advanced degree in anything, having earned only a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Ultimately, he, too, is just “some dude.”

The Left is also super cereal about Tyson, who has a genuine science background (Ph.D. in astrophysics from Columbia) but lately has grown a little complacent in his preaching on climate change, allowing fabrications and misattributions to slip in.

Then finally, there’s the man in the middle, who wouldn’t know science if a truckload of it landed on him, yet lectures endlessly about some imaginary “consensus” of opinion, as though that’s how scientific inquiry works in the first place.

As to the monument itself, I recommend that it be an obelisk crafted of cow dung, to reflect the countless gaseous emissions from the mouths of liberals. As to the purpose of the memorial, I again am on Swalwell’s side. Let future generations come and decide who was right and who was blowing smoke.

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Howard Portnoy

Howard Portnoy

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