Shootings up 12% in stop and frisk-free NYC

Shootings up 12% in stop and frisk-free NYC

Shootings have risen in New York by 12% during the same time frame as the federal court ruling against “stop and frisk” police tactics has taken hold, with one Brooklyn district seeing a spike of nearly 50%.

Via NY1:

It was a bloody Saturday night with 14 New Yorkers shot in five separate incidents over the weekend, resulting in two fatalities. As many a crime reporter has noted this year, while homicides are down in 2014, shooting incidents are up by twelve percent – meaning that if criminals had better aim, we’d have a higher death toll on our hands.

The Daily News reports:

Cops in two of the city’s toughest precincts recorded 99% fewer stop-and-frisks during the first half of the year — part of a staggering decline in the polarizing police tactic from the same period just three years ago.

Officers assigned to the 75th Precinct in East New York and the 73rd Precinct in Brownsville stopped just 126 people in the first half of 2014, compared to 10,540 stops between January and June of 2011.

The nearly eye-popping decrease is no misprint — and it comes as shootings in those neighborhoods are on the rise.

Shootings are up in East New York from 34 to 43 through Aug. 10, a spike of about 27% compared to last year. In Brownsville, shootings are up from 38 to 56, an increase of about 47% over the same time period.

An NYPD supervisor in Brooklyn said there is a definite and direct link between the increase in shootings and the dramatic drop off in stopping criminals.

“Guys know they’re not going to get stopped, so they’re packing (guns) more now,” he said.

Last month, police union President Ed Mullins concurred, placing the blame on soft leadership under Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Mullins said that police are being handcuffed by last year’s federal court ruling against “stop and frisk,” which makes it significantly easier for criminals to sue police officers over perceived racial profiling.

The atmosphere is, “‘We’re going to do what we want,’ that ‘We’re going to get away with it,’ ” said Mullins.

One city resident at the scene of a Barbie bike crime complained that people can’t let their kids go outside anymore, because “the cops are scared for their lives.”

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