Impeachment dare: Once again, liberals dress up in their parents’ clothing

Remember when Barack Obama, during a meeting with members of Congress early in his presidency, declared himself the “only adult in the room?” It was not meant as comic relief, but it has certainly come off that way in hindsight ever since as he moves from one petulant put-down of his political opponents to another. Not only does he resort repeatedly to schoolyard-style taunts of Republicans for blocking his efforts to fundamentally transform the United States into a European-style social democracy, but he surrounds himself with acolytes who do the same publicly.

Despite alienating many in the mainstream media, he still gets special handling. Take as a case in point his latest childish escapade. He is daring the GOP to file articles of impeachment against him — or to put it in the terms used by the liberal press, he is exposing the Republican “impeachment plot.” In an article titled “Republicans Have Lost Control of the Impeachment Plot They Hatched,” the Wire’s Arit John writes:

The impeachment debate is another example of fringe conservative ideology hurting the establishment’s election chances. House Speaker John Boehner knows that, which is why he said Tuesday that impeachment is a “scam” created by Democrats to motivate their base to vote and donate ahead of the midterm elections, according to the Associated Press. That’s half true. Democrats are fundraising off impeachment, but this conversation was started by Sarah Palin and her fans.

Half true? I must have been dozing when Sarah Palin was elected to the legislature.

To her credit, John includes a screen grab (reproduced below) of the insidious email the Dems are sending out to raise funds and throw up a smokescreen they hope will dupe voters 90 days out from the midterm elections.

Impeachment email

There of course is no plot to impeach Obama, which is not to say that he hasn’t committed impeachable offenses. Nor is this the first time the Democrats have raised the specter of impeachment. In late 2013, the DNC sent out an email warning recipients of blood already in the water.

The alarm Democrats are sounding harks back to the price the GOP paid following the failed ouster of then-President Bill Clinton for comparatively mild charges in 1998. The Donks are presuming, probably correctly, that the American electorate has no appetite for another round of embarrassing public hearings on the shenanigans of the U.S. president.

In the meantime, Obama, who has overridden the Constitution countless times, is now threatening to draft the mother of all executive orders, this one granting amnesty to roughly half the migrants stacked up on the southern border. Charles Krauthammer weighed in on this last night:

Look, this clearly is a concoction of Democrats. It shows how desperate they are. They know mid-terms are coming up. They know in 1998 the party was saved — the sixth year of the administration — it was saved by impeachment, overreaching on impeachment by Republicans and this is a good issue, it is a good way to raise money. But I like Boehner’s contempt, sort of the tone, sort of sneering tone he had about all of this. It’s like Harry Reid saying a couple of years ago he had been told Romney hadn’t paid any taxes, you know, as a rumor.

There’s only one real thing here and that is that Obama is said to or there are reports from the White House that he’s going to do something by executive order about immigration. If he were to do something like legalize say half which is what’s been talked about — huge numbers of illegal immigrants — to do it by executive order which would be clearly lawless and would be the biggest domestic overreach of a president in memory, it would be an impeachable offense. I would be 100% against impeachment because it’s political suicide but it really would be the basis for that. That’s what I think the White House may actually be softening people up for. An executive order that reaches impeachable offense but it’s a way of, like a preemptive strike.

The question now is who’s going to stop Obama.

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Howard Portnoy

Howard Portnoy

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