Three-month-old infant gets contraceptive ID under Obamacare

Three-month-old infant gets contraceptive ID under Obamacare

On Friday, Fox News’ Todd Starnes said on Facebook that thanks to an Obamacare mandate, some newborns are receiving an ID card that lets them receive contraceptives free of charge — without parental consent.

Starnes said he got word of the card from a listener in Lubbock, Texas, who was “pretty fired up” over the card sent to his three-month-old daughter. According to Starnes, the insurance company that sent the card said it’s part of an Obamacare mandate.

“Apparently, the insurance company wants to make sure the three month old has options after a sordid affair at daycare,” Starnes wryly noted. He quoted the letter sent by the insurance company.

“Attached is your Contraceptive Coverage Plan ID Card,” the letter read. “The new federal preventive health services law requires that group health plans provide women contraceptive services to female members of all ages without imposing any cost-sharing and at no cost to you.”

Starnes said his reader initially laughed the letter off, believing it to be a mistake. Then he learned it was the law.

According to the insurance company, every female — regardless of age — receives a contraceptive cover card. That requirement apparently includes three-month-old infants. Starnes did not identify the insurance company, and it’s unclear if all companies are sending the card.

“It’s frustrating and sickening,” the reader told Starnes. “It bothers me that this company takes it upon themselves to send this out to people’s young children without even contacting us.”

Worse yet, Starnes said parents are not allowed to opt out of the program. The reader who received the card is “disgusted,” Starnes added.

“I don’t even want to think about my little girl having a boyfriend and especially not having sex,” the reader said. “I’d like to enjoy her innocence. But now, it’s forced upon her mother and I thanks to Obamacare.”

“Welcome to President Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, folks,” Starnes concluded.

A post at says the contraception mandate went into effect on August 1, 2012 and at the time, covered just under 30 million women. The post, however, says the coverage is “for women with reproductive capacity,” which would normally preclude three-month-old infants.

Starnes’ reader, however, could have found himself in an even worse situation. As we reported last August, one provision of Obamacare also grants funds for visits by bureaucrats to ensure the child is raised in a manner approved by the government for certain “at-risk” families, including those of veterans.


Joe Newby

Joe Newby

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