$3.7 billion border spending bill to cover schooling, health care, and lawyers

$3.7 billion border spending bill to cover schooling, health care, and lawyers

As the Southern border disintegrates before our very eyes, the American taxpayer will be saddled with the cost of paying for this new influx of children if the Obama administration gets the funding it so desperately desires. Unable to lift a finger to help a United States Marine being held prisoner in Mexico, or move swiftly to get our Veterans on the fast-track to the care they need and deserve, the President sees fit to make sure illegal immigrant children will have schooling, health care, and legal fees covered by our tax dollars.

The $3.7 billion spending bill pushed by the White House is being dubbed the “border children funding bill” and would do nothing to turn off the faucet or secure the border. Rather, it will welcome immigrant children with social welfare courtesy of you and me. This ordeal just keeps getting better and better. The Washington Times reports:

President Obama’s new border spending request will pay for schooling, health care and lawyers for the unaccompanied illegal immigrant children surging across the border, officials told Congress on Thursday as they pleaded for quick action on the $3.7 billion package.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Congress must approve the money this month, saying that if nothing is done before lawmakers leave for a monthlong August vacation, one of his agencies will have to cut its other immigration enforcement in order to hold and transport the children.

The threat of cutting funding from immigration enforcement is a farce. The National Guard exists for a reason and in situations like this, it could be deployed in days to fill in the gaps and restore order where needed. There is no need for another slush fund of taxpayer dollars which will surely funnel money into radical groups like La Raza to assist in the efforts of bringing more children and adults over the border this year.

This border issue has been brewing for years, perhaps decades as politicians on both sides of the aisle attempt repeatedly to enact some form of amnesty by another name. When it gets close to passing, American citizens speak out and melt congressional phone lines, as happened in 2006. Thus, the current situation is simply the President’s use of his pen and his phone to distract himself by drawing doodles and ordering pizza while he encourages illegal immigration via relaxed policies and calls for amnesty.

For the Obama administration to suddenly claim that $3.7 billion is now needed to deal with this government-created humanitarian nightmare is patently absurd and borderline derelict. Leaders are supposed to lead. Leaders are supposed to foresee problems and put out fires before they become blazing infernos. There is no question that President Obama is not a leader in the typical sense of the term. He is a leader among those who see this crisis as a fantastic opportunity to push amnesty even harder by demonstrating what they hope will be a call to action from the American people to solve this problem — for the children, of course.

Throwing money down the rathole is not a way to solve this problem but it is a great way to create wealthy rats.



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