Democrat ObaWorship and Democrat ObaHeresy

Democrat ObaWorship and Democrat ObaHeresy

“You’ve just committed blasphemy and you deserve to be treated like the heretical scum that you are…”

Want to see a Democrat go into complete and total meltdown? And by that, I mean a raving fury foaming-at-the-mouth meltdown. Simple, just say something critical of Barack Hussein Obama. It doesn’t have to be one of his more noteworthy faux-pas, such as lying about keeping your doctor or even the doubling of the coast of gasoline. Just express an inconsequential personal opinion contrary to President Wonderful.

If you’re brave (or foolish) enough to opine for example that without his teleprompter, Obama isn’t exactly that great of a public speaker, be ready for a freak-out of gold medal proportions. The reasoning is quite simple — they worship Obama. To say anything in less than glowing or reverential is the Democrat version of Mortal Sin. Do not pass Purgatory, do not collect $200, go directly to Hell.

Now I have to ask rhetorically, why is it that conservatives don’t have much of a problem with hammering one of our own when he screws up? Who was it that came down hardest on George W for looking the other way when millions of illegal aliens streamed across the border? Who was it that complained the loudest when Nixon abandoned the Nationalists in favor of the Communist Chinese? It sure wasn’t any members of The Jackass Party, Itellyawhat.


Maybe it’s because so many Democrats are atheists subconsciously in search of something greater than filling their bellies or experiencing orgasms … or maybe the reason isn’t quiet that heady. Possibly Democrats are just thin-skinned crybabies. Either way, speaking ill of Mister Awesome will have a leftist Zampolit coming down so fast and hard, you’ll never know what hit you.

Short of actually becoming a buxom Levi’s-clad hottie, the easiest way for the average American to know what life’s like for a buxom Levi’s-clad hottie summering in … oh, let’s say Riyad or Waziristan … just speak of the woman-hating Kenyan interloper in less than glowing terms in the presence of one of his minions. In their mind, you’ve just committed blasphemy and you deserve to be treated like the heretical scum that you really are.

But all that aside, the following is a fairly simple but all inclusive primer on how members of the two major parties see each other. Enjoy.

How Republicans view Democrats: “Dems are an emotional bunch to the point of hysterics. They make poor decisions heavily based on their emotions, sans intellect. Which in itself is redundant as Democrats usually have no measurable intellect to speak of. Any organized movements of members is reminiscent of the base instincts of lemmings on the move; three word chants; ensuring the dead vote; and with out fail, various and sundry giveaways usually involving freebies the likes of free cellphones, surplus government cheese, and someone else’s money.”

How Democrats view Republicans: “Republicans are unfeeling, ice-water in their veins, Nazi Sturmtruppen who want to see little children breath air by the brown chunk and be subject to drinking water the consistency of thin, dirty pizza grease. Republicans are humorless flag-wavers who only find a modicum of happiness in nuclear fallout and tax-free zones.

Bottom line, Republicans view Democrats as mouth-breathing dullards. Democrats view Republicans as the epitome of evil. Most human beings can and will interact with the less-than-bright amongst us, but no one wants to deal with a person who’s evil.

T. Kevin Whiteman

T. Kevin Whiteman

T. Kevin Whiteman is a retired Master Sergeant of Marines. He has written for Examiner, Conservative Firing Line, and other blogs.


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